Friday, September 29, 2006


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That the police have killed Nigerian businessman, Frank Ogboru, in full view of witnesses is further evidence of racism in the UK transforming into utterly unashamed racism - something encouraged by constant prime-ministerial and ministerial speeches which demean the status of 'migrants', the new governmental term for 'immigrants'.

Although, these days, the police are often to be seen wearing plastic gloves whilst handling their 'customers' (an indication of how much police wish to separate themselves from the public they 'serve', especially in terms of race and class), in reality, of course, the gloves are now well and truly off.

Recently, Western leaders such as Bush and Blair have also been completely unabashed in taking the Israeli side in the Lebanese/Palestinian/Israeli conflict and have unashamedly continued their justification for Western military intervention in the Middle East - despite the increasingly obvious failure of this immoral venture; soldiers selling guns for drugs should be enough to tell us that members of the armed forces themselves cannot justify the West's military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan - but, nevertheless, the racially and religiously charged rhetoric of Bush and Blair becomes stronger by the day.

The story of Frank Ogboru's death in police custody is barely making the local london news - even the Black Information Link ( has not, as yet, reported this horrific case and, symptomatically, prefers to concentrate upon black people fighting one another in Lambeth (thus keeping step with the news agenda of white-dominated media organisations), instead of focussing upon one of the main causes of insecurity amongst black people ie. black people's inability to deal with white racism - and, in particular, white police racism.

I should add that Black Britain (
) reported this story yesterday and it remains their top news item today


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