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Some of my best friends are black people! To be more precise – they are Jamaicans and Africans. So how, you may ask, has this white man learnt to tell these black people apart?! Easily enough really, because they’re always fighting one another with a vengeance - and I could never help wondering why? After all, aren’t there enough white people with whom black people could justifiably pick arguments?

In fact, this dispute is very important because it revolves around the vital question of how black people should deal with white people and the distinct difference between the African approach and the Jamaican - due to seismically different experiences of the same white racism. Jamaicans often feel embittered by the fact that they were the ones to have been completely enslaved whilst Africans were not - and feel that this raises them above Africans on the podium of racial suffering. On the other hand, Africans feel that Jamaicans have been infected by the white man’s immorality and are, therefore, in a cultural sense, lapsed (ie inferior) Africans. But who has suffered more pain? The black man who has suffered, abduction, followed by direct enslavement, rape and murder in the white man’s house, or the black man whose house has been forcibly invaded and occupied by the white man and who has suffered the rape, murder, abduction and enslavement of his family (not to mention the theft of his material valuables)? This is impossible to say, of course - especially so, when both sets of people continue to suffer such suppression to this very day.

But it should not be a question of ‘quality’ of suffering-by-white-man (who seriously wants to be viewed the more emotionally disturbed?), and nor should it be a question of African cultural credential - when, to-date, African cultural credential has been severely degraded by an historical continental subjugation at the hands of white men (or to put it another way, I’ve never put details of ‘when I got mugged’ on my CV). Surely, the question should be one of degree of black people’s success rather than black failure. But how should this success be measured?

The adage goes ‘Don’t get mad, get even’ and this is where the black reaction to racism differs so much - because Jamaicans tend to concentrate on ‘getting mad’ (emotionally angry) whilst Africans tend to concentrate on ‘getting (financially) even’. This outcome is not surprising, since Jamaicans have no period of ‘normal’ cultural history to which they can equate an experience of ‘even’, whereas Africans do - also, given that, these days, white people do not directly, physically suppress black people in Africa (they pay other Africans to do this) and the exploitation is for monetary gain, ‘getting even’ makes sense only on a monetary basis and the violence of ‘getting even’ is between Africans. Exploitation of white people’s economy by Africans (and other non-white UK immigrants who are far more industrious and have far keener business minds than white people) is inevitably leading to white economic decline and white people suppressing and fighting each other over the remains. On the other hand, despite being more commercially aware than the average white man, Jamaicans, never having known the loss of cultural wealth and freedom, and generally not therefore inclined to think as ‘big’ as African businessmen, have largely sought to ‘even’ matters up on an emotional basis - by making white people feel as guilty as Jamaicans feel angry about having been enslaved.

Black/African politics are divided into the same two camps as general global politics - those who support white power (racism) and those who do not; it is a consciousness of the guilt associated with aiding and abetting white racism, which causes the antagonism between Jamaicans and Africans. Africans see Jamaicans as working mainly in white government departments, white corporations (striving for promotion from white people) or unemployed and engaged in violent street-crime, whilst they themselves are more commonly to be found in self-employment, working for African businesses, or unashamedly making a fool of the white man by defrauding his stupidly inefficient bureaucracy (without any apparent fear of being sacked or imprisoned); Jamaicans see Africans as being too ‘soft’ on white people and treating them with undue courtesy, whilst they themselves are openly expressive of their hatred of white people; Africans see Jamaicans as too culturally close to white people, whilst Jamaicans see Africans as too emotionally close (although, I must add that I find black people, as a whole, to be far more (positively) emotional than white); both groups see each other as collaborating with white people and a mutual hatred for each other’s collaboration derives from each group’s unwillingness to come to terms with its own collaborative behaviour. I do not, of course, ignore the fact that there is a prevalence of violent white crime and fraud in the UK - much of which is committed by white people who wear suits and uniforms; in the end, a violent criminal is a violent criminal, whether he be from Europe, Africa, the Caribbean or the Far East.

It’s a shame, but just as it took deaths in Birmingham (as a result of clashes between black and Asian people) for many of us to be incited to examine the futility of such (unjustified) racism, so it has taken death on London streets (resulting from hostility between Africans and Jamaicans) for me to be roused into examining this particularly desperate intra-racial hatred.

Ultimately, getting ‘mad’ and getting ‘even’ must both be wrong decisions which resolve nothing, because, in either emotional or material terms, both strategies require black people to measure themselves against white - and when white culture is in complete decay, such measurement is worthless. Playing by white people's immoral rules will take black people to the same destination as white - nowhere. Like any other member of the human race, black people must measure their success individually against their own individual human standards, for success to have any meaning.

For personal inspiration, I would like to meet a black person (well any colour person, frankly) who has worked vengeful motivations out of their emotional system and is motivated to perform their white institutional job from a sense of professional satisfaction alone - although, I’d reckon that a black person who manages to ‘fit in’ fearlessly to a white governmental department, and meantime still be motivated by a genuine love of that job, not by revenge, would definitely be a rare gem…Should I place this paragraph as a lonely hearts/contacts add?!

The manner in which many black people parade the same material status-symbols as white is evidence enough of how black people buy into white culture and is the reason black people continue to be exploited by white racism. If gold had not been the base of white people’s currency (and diamonds so highly valued by white men), would Africa perhaps have been less attractive to white colonialists. Without wishing to belittle the devastation to African human resources caused by the slave trade, were Africans (who did not originally value the shiny elements to the extent that white people did) really robbed of their material resources? Well, the answer is “Yes,” of course, but the theft would not have been immediately noticed – in the same way as the general population of a country like Nigeria could never have realized the significance of its oil reserves at the point when they were first being siphoned off by Western companies, in collusion with a small number of powerful Africans.

Africans and Jamaicans should choose ‘something else’ on which to base their currency and ‘something else’ on which to base their cultural values - ‘something’ which white people do not value...?

Traditional African Currencies:

(*Or How A White Man Can Make Himself Extremely Unpopular By Lecturing Black People About Their Own Business!)


At 29 May, 2010 01:26, Anonymous bob barleywhine (just say no, can't stand poofs misself, it ain't normal, but live 'n let live 'n don't pick up antisocial white murderous manners party) said...

baambaclart jamaicans...i really fucked off bad with their baambaclart fanatical homophobia...and their baambaclart fanatical islamophobia...which they still so flaygrantly exhibit to impress their baambaclart white bible-bashing slavemasters...except checkit mate, it's over one-and-a-half centuries to late, mate...or that's the theory anyways, mate...

yeah bros, carry on fighting the muslims, the africans, the women, the asians and the gays, guys...yeah man...carry on fighting, all of, white, asian, muslim, christian, gay, straight, men, and women...and divided you will fall into the hands of mr obombaclaart who will fuck you all up the fuckin ass. one love. why did i ever fuckin bother?

At 29 May, 2010 02:12, Anonymous obviously the world's most notorious drug traffiker has smuggled himself out of the caribbean - or been allowed to do so - in order to avoid the necessity for obama to continue shooting himself in the fucking foot - weed good, poppy bad said...

hey...why's obama so pissed with president dudus then? did da don do michelle?

At 29 May, 2010 02:13, Anonymous desperate dave lammy said...

shit man, you're wasting my voters, mr president

At 02 June, 2010 01:54, Blogger lou sid linesman said...


bob, i'm a liberal sort of a chappy myself, and do not spend any time bothering about what homosexuals get up to - as this would impinge on the valuable time i can spend thinking about pussy. excepting interaction of a sexual nature, i have, unlike yourself, no real problem in dealing with homosexual people. having said this, i do not believe that homosexuality represents a normal or mature form of relationship and would not promote it as such. the 'flaygrant' exhibition of homophobia and islamophobia, to which you refer, is, i agree, disturbing, and undoubtedly the consequence of unduly zealous christian missionaries and other doctinally-fixated figures of white authority who sought to repress traditional african, asian, american and european culture (including normal heterosexuality), both in the respective root-continents of these cultures, and (i daresay, even more intensely, cynically and methodically) in the slave colonies - but i would nevertheless defend, on the grounds of free-speech being an essential emotional pressure-valve in every arena of human society, the right of homophobic expression, such as to be commonly, although by no means exclusively, found in the anti-gay lyrics performed by dancehall stars. however, i condemn outright the members of any creed or race who perform the lynchings of homosexuals - these are atrocious acts, which, as you mention, appear to figure as frustration-sacrifices aiming to appease the interminable wrath of a vicious white god. as an atheist, i do not believe in god, i believe in man, and conclude that the angry energies of enslaved people around the world are more correctly, justly and fruitfully reflected back at the men who administrate this enslavement - for example, the president of the united states, barack obama, the president of the european commission, josé manuel barroso, and the prime minister of the united kingdom, david cameron.

At 02 June, 2010 01:57, Anonymous black sabbath said...


hey whiteboy, god is a black and jewish - get your facts right.

i also believe in black lines on the football-field and a black ball (especially for you).

At 02 June, 2010 01:58, Blogger lou sid linesman said...


ok you well know, i'm an atheist, ergo i have no conviction as to the colour of somethink which i do not believe to exist - however, i'll play along with you and surmise that jesus christ's god was a dark-skinned mediterranean jewish geezer who converted to christianity in order to get his son into heaven, where he would receive a preferential education. subsequent (roman) members of the flock perceived the almighty to be a turk, others had him down as more a shade of cornflower, and then, as part of an advertizing campaign devised to promote colonialism, the missionaries painted him whiter than white, (gloss) in an attempt to make him stand out from the darkies...although there has recently been some dispute over the identity of the cosmetician who originally delivered this makeover, as charles darwin (bless his cotton socks) is now widely credited with the copyright of this innovative commercial concept. nonetheless, and notwithstanding the rich tapestry of historic christian philosophy, current mainstream thinking in afro-caribbean churches holds that the creator is definitely black, and blessed with a fucking big willy - a doctrinal interpretation which stands in stark contrast to that of progressive western theologians, who vigorously assert that the bossman is as bent as non-regulation eu banana. however, what is absolutely certain, is that god could never have been a european, because the true inhabitants of that singular continent have traditionally always been natural-born tree-worshippers.

At 02 June, 2010 02:04, Anonymous ali mafi said...


personally, lou, i reckon those distinctly distilled jamaicans are winding-up whitey and taking the fucking piss.

At 19 June, 2010 23:26, Anonymous old ma stonewash said...

hey man, this africans vs jamaicans business is just dirty afro-caribbean family laundry - we had a spot of bother with the whites, you see.

At 12 July, 2010 21:17, Anonymous pickwick paper said...


the 'flaygrant' exhibition of homophobia and islamophobia, to which you refer, is, i agree, disturbing, and undoubtedly the consequence of unduly zealous christian missionaries and other doctinally-fixated figures of white authority who sought to repress traditional african, asian, american and european culture (including normal heterosexuality)

lou, do you believe that homosexuality forms a part of traditional african, asian, american and european culture?

At 13 July, 2010 01:38, Blogger lou sid linesman said...


no, homosexuality is certainly not an accepted part of mainstream traditional african, european, asian, american, african-american, african-caribbean, or african-european culture. i perceive homosexuality as an aberrance rather than an abhorrence - a human failing or misadventure which occurs unnaturally in all cultures. homosexuality is no more a 'white plague' than aids is an 'african plague', both these snide sniping tags being utter ignorant rubbish, and both primary symptoms of the recurring revengeful racist culture in which we live - a racist infra-culture historically dictated by euro-centric religions, a racist infra-culture for which the dominant white western power-structure must ultimately take responsibility.

what we have today is sinful drunkard priests preaching death unto sinful wayward homosexuals - hypocritical clergy who take their cowardly cue from racially vindictive western power-pontificators to cannon the message of victimization onto a congregation whose traditional communal consciousness has long since been erased by a severe dusting-down from super-imposed authoritarian religions. stand up the man who can swear, hand-upon-breast, that his traditional indigenous pre-christian pre-islamic culture originally promoted aggressive homophobia, and not perhaps the enlightened science of simple social-shunning? i agree with one of the subjects of sorious samura's documentary, africa's last taboo, who, in contradiction to the epileptic evangelist, is convinced that the whiteman exported homophobia, not homosexuality. this disinforming dissemination is not like the natural fertile inundation of the nile, pumping down purity from the philosophical peaks of the high-heartland and then outwards to the pupil-populations on the sub-saharan plains - it is a reverse salt-water-swamping from a surging siegeful-sea storm-swelled by the cruel discharge of some far-flung dissolute continent where a wanton-waterfall of wildfire-frustration flows from flock-down-unto-flock-down-onto-feudal-flock until those sacrificial-few trapped in the pariahs' prison-pool beneath are prejudicially crushed under the ritual weight of putrid opinion, their rising tears confusing then diffusing to permeate and poison the naïve convection-systems of some distant unimmunized water-table.

At 14 July, 2010 17:55, Anonymous victor maledoo said...


oh yes...i must really beggars bloody belief that europeans get the rather dubious credit for inventing homosexuality, whilst in all the thousands and thousands of years of human history preceding the point when africans colonized the colder northern climes and (by darwinian default) invented the white man, not to mention the traffic lights, and the traffic mean to tell me...that not one single black man ever came up with the (albeit misguided) idea of sticking his willy into another black man's battyhole? i just don't believe it!


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